LibreOffice 5.1.4 дойде с над 130 поправки на бъгове


Днес, 23 юни 2016-та година, дойде новата версия 5.1.4 от стабилния клон на кросплатформения офис пакет с отворен код LibreOffice и вече е налична за сваляне.

LibreOffice 5.1.4 се явява четвъртото издание в стабилната пета версия на офис пакета, който се използва на множество компютри и различни операционни системи като Linux, Windows и Mac OS X от потребители, които търсят добра и безплатна алтернатива.

Версиите от стабилния пети клон от LibreOffice биват препоръчвани от Microsoft Office и поне 90% от потребителите по света биха могли да го използват абсолютно безпроблемно.

Към корпоративните си клиенти The Document Foundation предлага да се обърнат към тяхната професионална поддръжка, хора от обучаващ персонал и специалисти по миграцията и др. (пълен списък тук), заяви Italo Vignoli в своя днешен анонс.

В новата версия 5.1.4 са изчистени цели 133 бъга, които са били съобщени от потребителите и се отнасят до всички компоненти на офис пакета.

Новата версия може да бъде свалена от нашия сайт или от официалната страница на LibreOffice.

Пълния списък с промените можете да разгледате тук:

coverity#704901 missing break in switch [Stephan Bergmann]coverity#1358428 bail out if we fail to reserve the texture + more [Tomaž Vajngerl]coverity#1358836 bail out if we fail to reserve the texture + more [Tomaž Vajngerl]coverity#1358843 backport of opencl coverity fixes [Caolán McNamara]coverity#1358844 backport of opencl coverity fixes [Caolán McNamara]rhbz#1326602 libreoffice: Leakage of removed background image set in master slide [fedora-all] [David Tardon]tdf#31449 correctly test if fraction has no integer part [Laurent Balland-Poirier]tdf#35957 check for preconditions earlier [David Tardon]tdf#38097 min numerator/denominator at least 1 [Laurent Balland-Poirier]tdf#49853 some shortcuts should always end up in the view [Maxim Monastirsky]tdf#61996 skip quoted text in number format [Laurent Balland-Poirier]tdf#63272 [fi-FI] percentage format with no-break space [Eike Rathke]tdf#64748 added placeholder option to pdf export dialog in Writer [Oliver Specht]tdf#74795 RTF import: handle row-level default cell margins [Miklos Vajna]tdf#81833 form protection can be modified as compatibility option [Oliver Specht]tdf#82073 RTF import: handle clcbpatraw [Miklos Vajna]tdf#82160 reset mouse pointer if doc loading failed [Maxim Monastirsky]tdf#83746 wrapAddress() didn’t do what it was supposed to do [Eike Rathke]tdf#84317 convert missing numbering types to OOXML tokens. [Mark Hung]tdf#84411 OpenCL: S/W interpreter throws std::out_of_range error [Marco Cecchetti]tdf#84695 sw: make TextBox in shape accessible without mouse [Miklos Vajna]tdf#86282 handle both, base name and Sheet1, as external reference sheet name [Eike Rathke]tdf#86502 split formula groups referring bounds shifted into [Eike Rathke]tdf#86575 for OOXML write plain #REF! if deleted parts [Eike Rathke]tdf#87437 close direct char fmt at end of para [Luke Deller]tdf#87967 valgrind reported invalid reads on 1 pixel wide bitmap [Caolán McNamara]tdf#89866 vcl: fix printing of form controls with images [Michael Stahl]tdf#90097 RTF import: handle fRelFlipV property for line shapes [Miklos Vajna]tdf#90319 make image flipping work when aLinearContext(…) code path chosen [pasqualm]tdf#92434 crash on deleting inner join relationship [Caolán McNamara]tdf#92695 protect both branches against missing ToolItem [Caolán McNamara]tdf#92951 make PaneDockingWindow dockable again [Caolán McNamara]tdf#93101 handle external references and propagate error [Eike Rathke]tdf#93124 fix incorrect text fit in imported PPT – take two [Mike Kaganski]tdf#93386 crash when closing a Database with macro editor open [Caolán McNamara]tdf#93403 check for changed DataSource on all Controls on form reload [Lionel Elie Mamane]tdf#93553 limit parallelism at zip save time to useful amount [Armin Le Grand]tdf#93640 fix import of linked left page header/footer [Luke Deller]tdf#93994 flush API objects at load time [Armin Le Grand]tdf#94146 a11y crash, obtain formula using the correct pointer [Eike Rathke]tdf#94221 repair dialog for text along path [Regina Henschel]tdf#94320 missing break in switch [Stephan Bergmann]tdf#94559 -Werror=nonnull-compare [Stephan Bergmann]tdf#94931 missing break in switch [Stephan Bergmann]tdf#94934 missing break in switch [Stephan Bergmann]tdf#95339 extend test to distinguish minute/month [Laurent Balland-Poirier]tdf#95620 crash in presentation wizard [Caolán McNamara]tdf#95707 RTF import: handle device-independent bitmaps [Miklos Vajna]tdf#95954 reasonable background for roadmap widget [Katarina Behrens]tdf#96092 crash on activating manage changes sidebar [Caolán McNamara]tdf#96097 can’t save a doc with signed macro after autosave/save a copy [Guillaume Smaha]tdf#96244 get the right Writer window view for Formula window [Caolán McNamara]tdf#96275 RTF import: fix anchor of shapes inside tables [Miklos Vajna]tdf#96426 significant whitespace as intersection in Excel syntax [Eike Rathke]tdf#96504 vcl: fix printing of form controls with images [Michael Stahl]tdf#96516 do not increment position counter when an entry is removed [Lionel Elie Mamane]tdf#96522 reset CustomShapeEngine at import [Armin Le Grand]tdf#96912 we need the space=“preserve“ also for formatted strings, [Markus Mohrhard]tdf#97158 CopyOneCellFromClip() does not handle multiple sheets [Eike Rathke]tdf#97249 don’t crash if BindFont fails [Tor Lillqvist]tdf#97835 no decimal separtor for empty decimal [Laurent Balland-Poirier]tdf#97839 a single character may be more than 1 utf-16 code points [Caolán McNamara]tdf#97854 crash on deleting inner join relationship [Caolán McNamara]tdf#97879 loop in style hierarchy on odt loop [Caolán McNamara]tdf#97887 add Intel driver to blacklist [Tomaž Vajngerl]tdf#97915 add Intel driver to blacklist [Tomaž Vajngerl]tdf#98088 prevent access to invalid sub node [Oliver Specht]tdf#98163 flush ressources at CustomShapes during import [Armin Le Grand]tdf#98224 endless loop in replace all stopped [Oliver Specht]tdf#98226 fix undo of table AutoFormat [Michael Stahl]tdf#98436 crash trying To create remote folder before connected [Caolán McNamara]tdf#98512 fix the Undo action of insert an input field. [HaidongWu]tdf#98666 don’t cache progress bars either [Tor Lillqvist]tdf#98753 find Toolbar does not display „Search key not found“ [Samuel Mehrbrodt]tdf#98940 (-1 not mapping to maximum string length anymore) [Matteo Casalin]tdf#98983 use ‘Microsoft Sans Serif’ instead of ‘MS Sans Serif’ [Tor Lillqvist]tdf#99130 use subdivision on B2DPolygon, angle based subdivision [Tomaž Vajngerl]tdf#99135 VML import: handle image crop [Miklos Vajna]tdf#99207 fix incorrect RGB ordering in Graphite DWrite path [Tim Eves]tdf#99246 use correct path for lock in PUT method. [Giuseppe Castagno]tdf#99255 calc crashing on Undo after Spell Correction [Arul Michael]tdf#99258 bail out if we fail to reserve the texture + more [Tomaž Vajngerl]tdf#99272 new Short[] used instead of new short[] [Caolán McNamara]tdf#99314 lokdocview: add new userprofileurl property [Miklos Vajna]tdf#99315 VclPixelProcessor2D: fix double border line width [Miklos Vajna]tdf#99338 fix GrabFocus during dispose crashes [Maxim Monastirsky]tdf#99369 try harder to bail out for non-horizontal text [Tor Lillqvist]tdf#99383 vcl: don’t dispatch events from SolarMutexReleaser [Michael Stahl]tdf#99396 SvxTableController::SetVertical: implement undo support [Miklos Vajna]tdf#99425 crash when closing dialog editor [Caolán McNamara]tdf#99450 /fix insert twice the same object in Photo album [Julien Nabet]tdf#99452 svx: fix undo of table row edge drag [Miklos Vajna]tdf#99453 opencl: better logging of devices and device selection [Tomaž Vajngerl]tdf#99460 sw: layout: don’t split table before fly [Michael Stahl]tdf#99461 reverse logic of TokenPointers::skipToken() [Eike Rathke]tdf#99462 /fix insert twice the same object in Photo album [Julien Nabet]tdf#99474 close direct char fmt at end of para [Luke Deller]tdf#99479 delete column with styles resets the ‘Apply Style’ drop down [Julien Nabet]tdf#99498 don’t overwrite trwWidth value if set on a table [Caolán McNamara]tdf#99523 exit text edit and unmark objects before moving slide [Caolán McNamara]tdf#99527 show all accelerators in menus of extensions [Oliver Specht]tdf#99529 sw: don’t pop up input field dialog before inserting field [Michael Stahl]tdf#99556 if the num of arguments is not 1 infer a row [Caolán McNamara]tdf#99574 fix sluggish scrollbar for an immediate paint [Tomaž Vajngerl]tdf#99588 fix radio button groups (and thus up/down key cycle) [Katarina Behrens]tdf#99643 OLE automation bridge: fix 64-bit pointer conversions [Michael Stahl]tdf#99692 crash in SwPostItMgr with change tracking [Caolán McNamara]tdf#99699 do nullptr check BEFORE calling method [Michael Weghorn]tdf#99722 sw: avoid buffering a11y events for not-visible frames [Michael Stahl]tdf#99730 lower the barrier for inferior systems, cripple the test [Eike Rathke]tdf#99733 don’t crash on moving range of cells [Caolán McNamara]tdf#99850 menu entry for Select Sheets… [Olivier Hallot]tdf#99870 writer: don’t delete selection with delete-comment [Justin Luth]tdf#99874 gtk3: all-black xbm cursors [Caolán McNamara]tdf#100024 CRASH when setting a background image [Caolán McNamara]tdf#100051 partially revert „loplugin:constantparam in sw“ [Miklos Vajna]tdf#100080 set unused shader attribs with values, fixes GL on AMD [Tomaž Vajngerl]tdf#100092 deterministic scheduling to prevent unpredictable behavior. [Jan Holesovsky]tdf#100097 dbaccess self-dnd depends on getting its own transferable [Caolán McNamara]tdf#100115 _nColId is sal_uInt16 [Julien Nabet]tdf#100134 xmloff: only update the progressbar twice for every percent [Miklos Vajna]tdf#100159 on Windows, compile GL shaders in advance, disable GL on failure [Tor Lillqvist]tdf#100160 changing OpenCL state doesn’t update sheet [Marco Cecchetti]deb#826654 scale gtk3 smooth scaling events… [Caolán McNamara]rhbz#1344042 LibreOffice Writer mouse wheel scrolling doesn’t scroll far enough on each wheel event [Caolán McNamara]tdf#90419 diminish precision error in Series Fill [Eike Rathke]tdf#92478 avoid crash on using scanner on windows x64 [Caolán McNamara]tdf#96089 sw: fix scope of bBreakAfter in InsertCnt_() [Michael Stahl]tdf#96887 vcl: stop using periodic timers on WNT [Michael Stahl, Armin Le Grand]tdf#99795 drawAlphaBitmap should scale the bitmap if necessary [Tomaž Vajngerl]tdf#100104 ensure that OpenCL device id returned from getDeviceSelection() is valid. [Mark Hung]tdf#100187 fix division by zero in comboFragmentShader [Tomaž Vajngerl]tdf#100257 data : XML Source does not work [Noel Grandin]

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