Linux Mint 18.1 ще има Snap поддръжка и Flatpak

Появиха се образите на Linux Mint 19 beta. Линкове за сваляне

В момента разработчиците работят здраво, за да могат да предоставят Mint KDE и Mint Xfce през юли месец.

Следкато вече Linux Mint 18 е официално наличен с графичните среди Cinnamon и MATE, на сайта на проекта вече се появиха бъдещите планове за Linux Mint 18.1, които включват множество подобрения и нови функции.

Според официалната информация с Mint 18.1 ще дойдат и нови версии на графичните среди. За Cinnamon това ще е версия 3.2, а за MATE 1.16, които в момента все още се разработват. Работи се и по нови универсални бинарни формати – Snap и Flatpak.

В плановете присъства намерението MATE 1.1 да бъде портнат изцяло към GTK3 toolkit и по-голямата част от X-Apps, които направиха своя дебют с Linux Mint 18, ще бъдат подобрени значително. Подобрения ще има и при Mint Update, Mint Menu, Mint Welcome и Mint Sources.

Linux Mint 18.1 ще има Snap поддръжка и Flatpak 3

В Kinux Mint 18.1 ще има разширена поддръжка за повече приложения на HiDPI (High Dots Per Inch), като в списъка присъстват и Gimp, Pidgin, VLC, Banshee, Tomboy, HexChat, заедно с приложенията, които вече са получили поддръжка за такива дисплеи.

Cinnamon 3.2 ще замести сегашната стабилна версия Cinnamon 3.0. При него има много вълнуващи нововъведения, както и поправки на бъгове. Сред новостите са нов формат за menu applet, който ще е подобен на този от GNOME 3, нов аплет за принтери, подобрения при чувствителността за мишки и тъчпади, вертикални панели, както и възможността за превключване на звуковия изход към HDMI, ако е включено подходящо устройство.

Могат да се споменат още множество HiDPI подобрения, много подобрения при файловия мениджър Nemo, подобрения при настройването на външни монитори, подобрени индикации за изтощена батерия, подобрена PEAP (Protected Extensible Authentication Protocol) автентикация в NetworkManager аплета, възможност за заключване на десклетите и още.

Разбира се, ще има и множество дребни подобрения, както и оправяне на бъгове, за които потребителите са съобщили. За тези, които искат да видят целия план за Linux Mint 18.1 го прилагаме по-долу:

mouse/touchpad: fix sensitivity settings (shouldn’t be inverted… should be described as motion-threshold or even better, as what they actually do). Also, add a way to reset their value. actions in panel launchers aren’t translated if not present in .desktop file add cinnamon-session and cinnamon-settings-daemon to Launchpad/cinnamon-translations vertical panels retire boxpointers remove plug/socket in screensaver applets menu: adopt this layout ( … enshot.png), same as ours/mintmenu, only better. add a printer applet sound: add an option to switch sound to HDMI when an HDMI output device is plugged hidpi issues: top of mint menu is cut off in HiDPI (1920×1280) gnome-system-monitor moves out of place in Expo when battery is very low, battery icon isn’t red.. 2% charge, with less than 5 minutes to go, still not red.. bar is red in CCC, icon is red in notification.. but not in applet (and also not in the CCC icon itself either) When using Cinnamon bar at top, and secondary monitor with higher height than the main display, some apps like KDE Apps (Krita, Kdenlive) or Wine Based Apps (teamviewer) will display menus from toolbar in the wrong place. Being more specific: The menus will be displayed in the position that they should be displayed at main monitor, however in this case the window is maximized in the secondary monitor. menu: use search providers to search local files launcher: check budgie app suggestions Is there any reason why there are two names for the same item, eg. „Trash“ and „Rubbish Bin“? Would it be better to standardise on only one name? add gnome-screenshot to panel, right-click and select „Take screenshot of a selected area“. This runs gnome-screenshot -a.. it should work but it doesn’t. Is it because of the panel launcher capturing the click event or something? In Nemo, when I click on File System, followed by File and Properties, it gives me the details of the Home folder, not the File System, so it’s difficult to determine disk space of overall operating system. In Nemo, if i select a new tab, the folder name that appears in the tab appears with a separation line underneath, separating the tab name from the list of files in the folder. This style of separation is onconsistent to XED, where the Tab name and content under that tab have no such visible horizontal separation line. Setting the screensaver to turn on but not require a password is very confusing. I have to go to set “Lock the computer when put to sleep” to “No” (because I don’t want it to require a password); set “Lock the computer when the screen turns off” to “No” (because, again, I don’t want it to require a password); and then set “Lock the computer when inactive” to a time value to have the screensaver come on. (I’m not even sure that I’ve got that right.) The problem is that “lock the computer” implies that it’s going to require a password — but I don’t want that, I simply want the screensaver to kick in. This is a poorly worded dialog box. consider merging worldclock network applet: if possible, add a little refresh icon to ask for a new scan system settings modules don’t use the icon (in alt-tab, and window list) associated with the menu item Bluetooth panel icon was nicer when it was monochromatic (do we need blueberry to provide a cinnamon applet?) nemo: Touch screen clicks are not working in the icon and compact view section of Nemo, everywhere else seems fine. When connecting with PEAP authentication, the network manager applet just gets stuck instead of prompting for credentials. ability to lock desklets? When scrolling down in the Menu smoothly, icons/items leave some “traces” behind, if you can call it that Nemo get blank icons after set “Show text in icons” to “Always” or “Local Files Only”. cinnamon crashed to Fallback while Winetricks was installing an app, Irfanview. It was in the procedure where the installer writes launchers to the desktop. mouse motion settings reset themselves after a while? constantly getting a NEMO “thumbnail error” when I open photo directories (no videos) I haven’t visited in a while. Clock takes up about 30-60 seconds to update the hour after waking up the system from sleeping. Can we get a signal on wakeup?

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