Another Sight Linux DXVK Wine

Another Sight Linux DXVK Wine

Another Sight Linux DXVK Wine – how to play this game on Linux.

Another Sight is a surreal fantasy adventure with steampunk elements set in London in 1899, towards the end of the Victorian era. With an emphasis on culture and character, ANOTHER SIGHT focuses on the emotional development of the relationship between its two protagonists, Kit, a refreshingly intrepid teenager, and Hodge – a mysterious red-furred cat. They meet in the darkness of a London Underground construction site, after Kit loses her sight when the tunnel she had been exploring collapses.

Another Sight Linux DXVK Wine – how to play this game on Linux.

Another Sight is a Unreal Engine 4 game for Windows without a Linux port. Fortunately you can still play it on Linux at a decent framerate. It requires some tweaking but fear not! We’ll show you how to sort things out. Let’s start!

For this game we’ll need Wine, DXVK, and mfplat (Windows Media Foundation).

– To install DXVK you’ll have to follow our super easy tutorial.

– Installing mfplat is a tough job. We have luck though. Thanks to z0z0z we can install it in a blink of an eye. All you need to do is download the archive from the GitHub page, extract it, set your Wine prefix path, and run the script. Here’s how to do this:

Export your Wine prefix path:

export WINEPREFIX="/path/to/wine/prefix"

Run the install script:


Easy as pie! Now you’re ready to play Another Sight on Linux! If you have problems with the game saves, you must use Proton instead of Wine.

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Another Sight Linux DXVK Wine
Another Sight on Linux.
  • Wine version used in the video: Wine 4.8 with ESync enabled.
  • DXVK version: 1.2.1

For any questions don’t hesitate to use the comments section bellow.

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