Nioh 2 Linux DXVK Wine

Nioh 2 Linux DXVK Wine

Nioh 2 Linux DXVK Wine – how to play this game on Linux

Experience the thrill of taking on hordes of fearsome yokai in a battle to the death in this brutal masocore Action RPG. Create your own original protagonist and embark on an adventure that will take you through devastated locales across Japan during the Sengoku period.

Much like the previous title which garnered much praise from fans and critics alike, Nioh 2 contains an original profound story surrounding military commanders from the Sengoku period. However, Nioh 2 goes above and beyond its predecessor by including the new Yokai Shift ability which allows the protagonist to utilize new powerful forms to defeat even the most formidable yokai in battle. New to Nioh 2, your enemies can now create a Dark Realm which raises the stakes of battle and creates new challenges for your protagonist to overcome. We hope you enjoy conquering fearsome monsters as you unleash your darkness in the world of Nioh 2.

Nioh 2 Linux DXVK Wine – how to play this game on Linux

Nioh 2 is is an action role-playing game developed for PlayStation 5 and ported to Windows. It’s not officially available for Linux but you can still play it. Read on to learn how.

For this game we’ll need Wine or Proton, DXVK and a DXVK setting file with just two lines.

You have to install DXVK first. If you don’t now how, you can read it here. Keep in mind you shouldn’t use Esync and you need the following variable exported:

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Or if you choose to use Proton:


Everything is almost ready. You only have to create a dxvk.conf in the game’s root directory with the following content:

dxgi.nvapiHack = False
dxgi.deferSurfaceCreation = True

If you play the game on Steam, DXVK is already installed for you. You can just put this launch command in the game properties:


And it’s ready! Now you can play Nioh 2 on Linux too!!!

Please be advised in game videos doesn’t work.

Nioh 2 Linux DXVK Wine

  • Wіnе vеrѕіоn uѕеd іn thе vіdео: Wіnе 6.1.
  • DХVК vеrѕіоn: 1.7.3

Lіnk tо thе оffісіаl DХVК рrојесt ѕіtе – hеrе.

Fоr аnу quеѕtіоnѕ dоn’t hеѕіtаtе tо uѕе thе соmmеntѕ ѕесtіоn bеllоw.

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