How to install FAudio on Linux

Install FAudio Linux

How to install FAudio on Linux:

FAudio is an XAudio reimplementation that focuses solely on developing fully accurate DirectX Audio runtime libraries for the FNA project, including XAudio2, X3DAudio, XAPO, and XACT3. FAudio was written to be used for FNA’s Audio/Media namespaces and it fixes sound issues in many games.

How to install FAudio on Linux:

The easiest way to instal FAudio for now:

Thanks to Kron4ek you can download a precompiled FAudio from his GitHub site. Now you can install FAudio via the install script. You’ll have to export the path to your Wine prefix:

export WINEPREFIX="/path/to/wine prefix"

and start the install script:


You are ready to go!

Yet another way for FAudio installation but complicated:

Another way for FAudio installation is to manually copy the dlls from the FAudio x64 folder and paste them іn thе Wіnе рrеfіх іn the ѕуѕtеm32 fоldеr. Be adviced FAudio doesn’t work with x86 games for now.

Now you’ll have to make dll override to „Native“ for every single library you copied. This is quite a work so you can just import a .reg file. Create a text file with .reg extension for example faudio.reg. Then copy and paste the following:


Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Now open regedit with the following command:

winetricks regedit

And import the .reg file from Registry->Import Registry File… The expected result in the Wine settings is this:

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How to install FAudio on LinuxAll done!

Keep in mind the script creates symlinks to FAudio dlls, so don’t remove FAudio directory after installation. For x86 games you’ll have to use xact:

winetricks xact

You can visit FAudio official GitHub site here.

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